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Fix QuickBooks Error 1335

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QuickBooks Error 1335

QuickBooks Error 1335 - There's no doubt that QuickBooks is made from various cutting-edge tools and technologies, however it sometimes receives errors and glitches that could cause it to freeze functioning. Here, on this page, we shall provide you with an in depth information for the causes, impacts, and solutions for this QuickBooks Error 1335.

QuickBooks is an accounting software that is used by an incredible number of business people and accountants throughout the planet. One error which users face while using the software, updating it, or while fixing a problem is QuickBooks Error 1335.  

What is QuickBooks Error 1335? 

QuickBooks Error 1335 suggests that the cupboard file ( required for in-progress installation is corrupt or broken. Plus, the cupboard file (2), that is another essential file for this installation isn't usable. QB Error 1335 is indeed a Microsoft Windows error that takes place while replacing the accounting software system or repairing its installation. To Get instant support for Fix QuickBooks Error 1335 just call on our Toll Free Number.

Listed below are the error messages:

Error 1335: The cabinet file [] necessary for this installation is corrupt and should not be utilized.

Error 1335: The cabinet file [2] required with this installation cannot be used.

Factors behind QuickBooks Error 1335
Installation issues could be caused by insufficient installation memory settings on your desktop.
Scratches and dust can cause problems reading the CD. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the CD and try to install again.
Antivirus software can disrupt installation. Temporarily disable antivirus software while installing QuickBooks. Make sure you re-enable the program after installation.
Troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks Error 1335

Solution 1:

Insert the QuickBooks installation CD into the drive. In the event that InstallShield Wizard starts, close it.
Press Windows + E, in your keyboard, to open Computer.
You need to Double-click the CD drive letter.
Right-click the QBooks folder and then click on Copy.
Right-click an empty space on your own Windows desktop and then click on Paste.
From the CD right-click the 3rd party folder and then click on Copy.
You need to Right-click an empty space on your own Windows desktop and then click Paste.
On your desktop to open up it, Double-click the QBooks folder.
You need to Double-click Setup.exe or Setup, whichever one you see based on whether Windows Explorer is configured to exhibit or hide file extensions.
 When you look at the Type column into the window, the right file lists Application
You need to Proceed with the instructions to install QuickBooks.

Solution 2:

Download and save the QuickBooksInstallDiagnosticTool.exe file.
Double-click the file to run the tool.
Choose the option: I am having troubles installing installing Quickbooks and click OK.

Solution 3:

Start your personal computer again.
Log on to the system as an "Administrator".
For Windows 8, 7, or Vista: C: Users username AppData Local Temp.
For Or Windows 7: C: Documents and Settings username Local Setting Tem

Solution 4:

Start your computer again.
Get on the device "Administrator".
Insert the installation CD of QuickBooks within the CD drive.
Close the "InstallShield" Wizard, if it opens up.
Press "Windows + E" from your own keyboard.
Double-click on the CD drive letter.
Copy the "QBooks" folder and paste it on your Windows desktop.
Regarding the "Thirdparty" folder, right-click on it and then click on "copy" option.
Paste this folder in your computer's desktop.
Open the "QBooks" folder from your own desktop.
Browse for "Setup.exe" file and double-click about it.
Now you can install QuickBooks on your desktop.
We hope that you find this informative article helpful and resume working after fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 1335. In case the issue still persists, you can contact



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