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The Speedy Method To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

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The Speedy Method To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

When love gets speedy, things go beyond the expected and the night gets darker with hotter atmosphere fired by the lovers. Kissing is probably the most common actions couples do to display and express their love for one another. As making love becomes more and more passionate, it is almost impossible to know that the skin is being scraped as bites form wounds and reddish spots often known as a hickey. A hickey is often referred to as a spot or a love mark which happens to occur when couples kiss forcefully and may sometimes bite on areas around the neck and the collar bone. As love is indeed a private relationship between two individuals, passionate physical interaction isn't inappropriate, marking a hickey isn't a wrong thing either. However, won't it be a little embarrassing to leave for work or a public event with a hickey seen at the side of a collar or perhaps obviously visible at the collar bone? Well, because it is indeed embarrassing to show off the mark to everyone else, there are a wide variety of methods to get rid of a hickey. Nevertheless, as a hickey isn't just a normal wound or a mosquito-bite sized scratch on the skin, removing it completely takes time. What if tomorrow a work interview is scheduled? Will there be enough time to get rid of a hickey fast? Although a day or less can quickly cause a hickey to form, it isn't as simple to remove the mark. The speedy methods to get rid of a hickey fast consist of home remedies and simple methods with objects found at most homes.

Fast Home Remedies : Massage and Witch Hazel

If you have ever tried the hot and cool remedies and they don't work as fast you would like to, there are more home remedies to get rid of a hickey fast. Massaging around the areas a hickey occurs will help in blood circulation as massage disperses the blood vessels and capillaries. The reddish spots will quickly change in color as the pressing gradually does the work on the skin.

If massage isn't just the right option for you, using a witch hazel extract can solve the problem. As one of the most powerful Astringents, a witch hazel can heal bruises and inflammations, including that of a hickey. By dipping a cotton ball into a witch hazel extract, gently apply and rub on the skin for faster effects.

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